2022 Phoenix Regional Invitational Tournament (PRIT) Rules

Updated 10/23/2021

2022 Phoenix Regional Invitational Tournament (PRIT) Rules



  1. The Phoenix Regional Invitational Tournament will be a mixed handicap competition open to men and women by invitation only.
  1. This tournament will be a USBC certified event and will be held in accordance with USBC rules and regulations.
  1. This tournament is an IGBO affiliated tournament.
  1. All entrants are required to hold a current a 2021/2022 USBC membership card (Rule 300c). Participants who are not members of USBC can qualify for an entry by paying a participation fee of $13.00. Participants paying the participation fee are not eligible for USBC awards, per USBC rule 300c1(b).

Entering Average

Any bowler entering PRIT 2022 must have established a ten-pin average acceptable to USBC. The following rules shall be used to determine the entering average:

  1. Bowlers will use the highest of the following:
    1. The bowler’s 2020/21 composite average, if none, the 2019/20 composite average, if none the 2018/19 composite average.
    1. The bowler’s highest league average, 21 games or more, as of 12/31/2021 (A 12/31/2021 standing sheet must be provided);
    1. The bowler’s current tournament average (including IGBO Tournament Average Database (TAD average), 18-game minimum for the previous 12 months, as of 02/01/2022.
  1. If none, the bowler shall use an average of 230.
  1. Entries without proper average verification will not be accepted.
  2. The tournament director reserves the right to adjust a bowler’s average if just cause is presented.
  3. Sport league averages will not be accepted.
  4. Failure to provide proper documentation of the correct average when required shall disqualify tournament scores if submitted average is lower than the actual average.
  5. The TAD average will be the actual average that is in the database on 2/1/2022. Tournament scores that were bowled prior to that date, but not entered into the database, will not be considered.

Tournament Handicap

  1. Bowler’s tournament handicap shall be 90% of the difference between the bowler’s entering average 230.  Bowlers with an average above 230 will receive a 100% negative handicap.


  1. Substitutes may be used with the tournament director’s approval. Any substitute that replaces a bowler for the entire tournament and cashes in singles, doubles, or team events will receive payment only in excess of the entry fee. The original bowling entry fee will be returned to the paying entrant. Substitutes will use the same entering average.  See Entering Averages rules 1 – 7.
  1. Late bowlers will start in the frame in which they are ready to bowl with all prior frames being scored as zero (0).
  1. Bowlers are permitted to bowl only once in each event.
  1. Teams shall consist of four bowlers. Teams and doubles may consist of any combination of men and/or women.
  1. A team may not have more than one PBA card holder.
  1. A doubles team may not have more than one PBA card holder.
  1. Full team entries will be given priority in squad time preferences. Partial Entries will be accepted and every effort will be made to grant the requested squad times.
  1. Bowlers will be given 10 minutes of practice before each squad.
  1. Lane courtesy rule is 1 (one) lane.


  1. No entries will be accepted without full payment.
  1. Checks and/or money orders should be made payable to PRIT (Phoenix Regional Invitational Tournament). No personal checks will be accepted after 1/19/2022.
  1. PayPal payments will be accepted until the entry deadline.
  1. All prize fees collected in an event will be returned 100% and will be paid at a minimum of a 1:8 ratio for the participants in that event.
  1. Early Bird entry fee of $100.00 is due by 12/31/21. To qualify for “Early Bird” entry, an on-line application must be completed and submitted and payments received by 12/31/21, or a mailed-in application must be postmarked by 12/31/21. Entries received after 12/31/21 will be $110.00.
  1. Entry fees will be broken down as follows:


Trophies $0.00*
Administrative Expenses $0.00*
Lineage $24.75
Prize Fund $44.50
IGBO $0.75
Banquet $40.00
Total $110.00

*The cost of trophies and all administrative expenses will be paid by GayBowlingPhoenix.

  1. Singles will be a separate event for men and women. Equal prize money will be paid to the first three places for both men and women.
  1. The tournament director and/or co-director will resolve any issues that may arise which are not clearly covered in these rules. All complaints of error must be made in writing to the tournament director or tournament co-director not more than one hour after the completion of the scheduled event.
  1. All prize money will be paid by check after verification of all averages and scores and within 30 days after completion of the tournament in compliance with USBC rules.
  1. Entries must be received by 1/31/22. Entries received after 1/31/22 will be accepted at sole discretion of the tournament director. Please note: missing data on entry forms or entries received without payment will result in delayed processing, which could potentially affect our ability to grant requested squad times.

Optional Scratch Roll Off

  1. The Optional Scratch Roll Off competition is open to PRIT 2022 bowlers only.
  2. Divisions will be as follows:
    1. 200 and higher
    2. 180-199
    3. 160-179
    4. 159 and below
  1. The prize fund for the Scratch Roll Off event is based solely on the number of participants less lineage fees for each division. 100% of the entry fees collected minus the lineage will be returned as prize money. Prize payouts: 1st – 40%; 2nd – 30%; 3rd – 20%; 4th – 10%.
  1. The nine (9) game scratch totals from the bowler’s singles, doubles and team events are used to determine the eight (8) qualifiers and one (1) alternate for the Scratch Roll Off competition. If a tie exists for 8th place, the bowler with the highest scratch 3 game singles series will qualify. If a tie exists on singles, then doubles series will qualify. If a tie exits on doubles series, then team series will qualify.
  1. The competition will consist of four (4) games. All eight (8) competitors of each Division will bowl game one (1) with the two (2) bowlers having the lowest scores eliminated from the competition. The remaining six (6) bowlers will bowl game two (2) with the two (2) bowlers having the lowest scores eliminated from the competition. The remaining four (4) bowlers will bowl game three (3) with the two (2) bowlers having the lowest scores eliminated from the competition. The remaining two (2) bowlers will bowl game four (4), the bowler with the highest score will be awarded Scratch Roll Off winner for their respective Division.
  1. When determining advancing competitors or Roll Off winner, If a TIE exists during any game of the Scratch Roll Off competition, a 3 frame roll off will determine the winner.
  1. A lane schedule will be posted before the squad begins. This will list the lane that each bowler is to bowl on.
  1. Qualifying bowlers and alternates must physically sign in at the bowling center at least fifteen (15) minutes before the Roll Off competition is scheduled to begin (prior to 8:45 am). The scheduled Scratch Roll Off competition will begin promptly at 9:00 am. A bowler that has not signed in by 8:45 am will be disqualified and the alternate will be used. A disqualified bowler will forfeit their entry fee.
  1. A bowler that is unable to continue during any portion of the Scratch Roll Off will receive a score of zero for any remaining frames or games. The opposing bowler will bowl the game as if in competition.
  1. Bowlers will be allowed 10 minutes practice, on the lanes assigned to that division, before the first Roll Off game only. No other practice is allowed.